First Impression Week 14

This video was very interesting to me. I remember watching it before, but this time it hit me much harder. I did not realize how intense schizophrenia is and how much it impacts a person constantly. I have known several people who have committed suicide from schizophrenia and the whole idea of it never really made much sense to me. This video made things come full circle for why, and how it can impact someone’s life. It was shocking to me how intense it was and even the schizophrenic’s environment also seemed to change not just their thoughts. I really appreciated being able to see the persons daily life and how they go about doing things with this constant mental illness. This really puts into perspective how impactful it can be.

When considering how the media portrays schizophrenia I personally think that they do a poor job. I think whenever the topic is considered there is a sense of “crazy” that the person with the illness is considered. I do not think that the media portrays it as seriously as they should because this is serious and much scarier than people realize. I think that like a lot of things the media has glamorized schizophrenia and there is no understanding of how intense it can be. Overall I think that schizophrenia is a very serious illness and should be taken more seriously. This video really helped to open my eyes to the intensity of the illness and how scary it is.


3 thoughts on “First Impression Week 14

  1. I agree with your point to increase awareness of how serious this illness can be for individuals. The media doesn’t have a sense of how personal an episode can be to someone and it is more than just voices in your head. The video described an episode of schizophrenia very well; it showed how life-like the voices and hallucinations can be to someone. More than just voices in their head, they actually speak to the individual and can be very negative and degrading to that person. Searching through the internet descriptions of schizophrenia and its symptoms were very direct and strict as to it can cover a large group of people. Although, each case is unique to some diagnosed with schizophrenia. I agree it should be taken more seriously. A good way to start is understanding what people with schizophrenia go through on a daily basis without anyone around them noticing it happening.


  2. I watched the video of the person with schizophrenia for my first impression post, too. It certainly was an eye opener at how much the illness can affect the person’s thoughts. I did not know that they had such vivid hallucinations. These hallucinations and paranoia are actually caused by increased dopamine receptors which intensifies the person’s brain signals. I also agree that film directors do not accurately portray schizophrenia in the movies that they make. They usually only show chronic schizophrenia which is more serious, and people do not usually recover from. They do not show people with acute schizophrenia that occurs suddenly because of stress because that is apparently not as interesting for them to include in their movies. Instead of showing the people like they are just crazy, people need to know what schizophrenia really is and what causes it. The people are not crazy, they have a psychotic disorder which anybody could get genetically if their parents carried the genes for it.


  3. I agree with your opinion that the media does not portray mental illnesses like schizophrenia in a serious manner. Schizophrenia is stereotyped by the media, as well as many other mental illnesses. Mental illness can affect anyone and should be taken seriously. People with mental illnesses like schizophrenia should be treated with more respect. Stereotyping mental illness can be harmful. The media should spread positivity about mental illness.


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