First Impression Week 10

Lynsey Wissler

Video Games

Violence in the Media has been controversial for decades. The increasing attention to the video game violence in the last 20 years has definitely raised some eyebrows. I think that video games are definitely getting more violent but how much research backs up the claim that children are becoming more violent. When just looking at the surface it would make sense that this is a possibility but how accurate is this claim. I personally think that video games as they are becoming more violent should definitely be making it clear that they are violent. However, I do not think that it should be the video game companies being punished for making the games this way (by banning). I think that if people are concerned about their children becoming violent then they should be using their own discretion on how much their children are playing the games. The video game companies are trying to please the customer, they cannot decide who plays their games and how often they are played; that decision goes back to the consumer. I feel that permanently banning video games will not solve the problem at hand. Possibly a solution to this problem would be making it a clear rating on how violent the games are for the parents who are giving their children these games. Another solution could be regulating the game makers. Overall, I do agree that video games are becoming more violent, however, how this is impacting children seems unclear to me. I feel that regulating the sales and making of the video games will not solve the problem and it is more the parent’s responsibility to monitor what and how much of these games their children are playing.


One thought on “First Impression Week 10

  1. I definitely agree that it’s completely a matter of how much parents monitor the more graphic parts of entertainment. Video game makers are a businesses, and if there’s a demand for their product they have the right to consider making it, regardless of its effects. That’s not to say the effects aren’t to be acknowledged, though; it’s up to the parent whether or not they feel it’s necessary to control their child and keep them from seeing violence or adult content. If some video games are proven to make kids more violent, then parents have to make observations and decide if filtering entertainment’s content should be a priority in their household. Kids are finding interest in these things at such an early age now that it’s important to be aware of what your kids are seeing and how it could be affecting them.


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