First Impression Week 8

Lynsey Wissler

Emotion Test

When I took this test I did fairly well. I received a 19/20 when trying to examine the emotions just by their facial expressions. This has been a skill that I have had since I was younger. I am generally very good at being able to tell how people are feeling just from watching them.

There were two emotions that I felt were very hard to tell apart from this test. Embarrassment and Shame I think can be hard to tell the difference between, especially due to the fact that often times the two go hand in hand in a situation. because they are so similar the facial expressions that are associated with them can be similar. When considering emotions that were easy to tell apart I think positive vs. negative emotions were easily distinguishable. For example, when someone was smiling it was easy to tell that they were not angry. However, it was difficult to tell if they were smiling because of happiness or love.

I think that this test is somewhat credible. I think that the pictures definitely display the emotions that they are representing in the test, however, I think that they are over exaggerated which makes it easier to determine the emotion. This could potentially be a problem because often I think when people are experiencing one of the listed emotions they are not as obvious about it as this test makes it seem.

For me, I can use this information in my future very effectively. As an education major, much of my job is reading people and deciphering what is the best approach to help them learn the information in the best possible way. Being able to distinguish emotions can help my future as a teacher develope while learning how to work with children and their emotions. Overall, this test was very beneficial and interesting when deciphering emotions and how I myself can interpret them.


One thought on “First Impression Week 8

  1. I love that you did so well on this test and you are an education major. I believe it is so important to be able to tell emotion based on facial expressions because some children are just plain shy, and it can be difficult for them to communicate. This is a great skill to have, especially in the classroom that way you can have an idea of how a child might be feeling, leading you to take precautionary measures if needed as well. I personally am not good at reading people’s expressions like that; but it would also come in handy while being social and choosing friends as well. Knowing how people truly feel is such a good thing because honesty is always the best policy, and knowing how someone feels without needing words is a significant skill to have all around. I agree that many emotions purely based on facial expression can be confusing, but knowing slight differences such as eye contact can make a huge difference. I like that this is credible because it is up to you to differentiate between the emotions which truly tests someone in this skill specifically.

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