First Impression Week 7

Lynsey Wissler


When assessing my current sleep habits several things come to mind. I personally do not have a strict sleep routine. Some nights I go to bed before midnight, some after. In the morning, some days I wake up before 8 where sometimes I don’t get up until 10. This inconsistent sleep schedule is not good for my body. Research shows that our bodies need consistency, especially with sleep. Another sleep habit that I have is napping. I nap usually once a day anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.  These habits could explain why I am so tired even when I think that I got a lot of sleep; my body could be catching up from the nights before where I had less sleep. I personally do not think that these habits are healthy. I feel as though they would be too irregular for my body to reset every day.

I think that a realistic goal for a college student to have is around 7 hours of sleep a night. Although, we most likely need more sleep than this I think that seven hours is a manageable number when social life, studying, sports and extracurricular activities are taken into account. This number would also depend on the class schedule and how vigorous the student’s college life is.

I feel that there are several ways to improve sleep habits for all students. First, I think that trying your hardest to be in bed around the same time a day can really help to keep you on a steady sleep cycle. By doing this your body can get in the habit of being asleep at a regular time and possible therefore fall asleep faster. Another suggestion for sleep habits would be to count how many hours of sleep you’re getting per night and try and get the same amount every night. With this suggestion, consistancy could help maintain achieve better sleeping habits. Overall, there are many sleeping habits that could help a college student who has developed sleeping habits that are not beneficial to them.


One thought on “First Impression Week 7

  1. I’m glad how honest you are with yourself about your sleep habits! I agree with you that 7 hours would be a reasonable amount for a college student to attempt to get in a night, but as we know, it is not always the easier to get with such a busy schedule. The best habit you can get yourself into is to go to sleep around the same time every night and attempt to wake up at the same time every morning. Doing this will help your body fall into a pattern, to the point where you will naturally fall asleep and wake up at these times without an issue. A regular pattern is the best thing you can do for your body in regards to sleep, especially when under stress, like most college students are. When this isn’t possible, naps are not necessarily your enemy–sometimes they’re needed! Naps are only an issue when they aren’t timed correctly. The ideal nap times are 15-20 minutes for a power nap, 60 minutes for a refresher, and 90 minutes for the “perfect” nap, because you go through one full sleep cycle in that time. The worst time for a nap would be 40 minutes, as you wake up feeling groggy and less awake than you did before you napped!


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