First Impression Post-Week​ 5

Study Habits

Lynsey Wissler

My current study habits are not ones that anyone taught me or that I learned from anyone else. My study habits are what I have developed over the years and have tried to make work for me the best as possible because I do not have any other option. How I studied for the first exam was by splitting the materials up by days. I evenly divided the study guide and assigned certain days to the information. After those days, the final day I did a group study session reviewing the information and watching youtube videos to help understand the concepts even more. The day of the exam I also spent time before class reviewing the concepts that I struggled with.

For the next exam, I plan to stick to my studying “schedule” more firmly. I also will begin seeking help from others before the night before and watch more youtube videos. The videos really helped the information stick in my mind because they gave me an alternative way to think about the concepts, making it easier to remember them.

Overall my strengths are being able to lay out all of the information and find different ways of remembering it. My main weakness is not getting distracted and having the ability to stay focused and get the studying done that needs to be done.


One thought on “First Impression Post-Week​ 5

  1. I really admire your current study habits. It’s a tough habit to get into–setting a study schedule for yourself–but definitely one that will pay off. Cramming the night before never works,and studies have shown that studying is much more efficient when broken up into multiple days. Studying little bits throughout the week rather than studying everything the night before goes a lot further, so it’s great that you are already implementing this into your studying habits. I’m also glad the group studying and videos work out for you! I think that hearing the information out loud just helps solidify it into your head, so it’s a great sudy tactic. An idea I have to help you not get distracted is to try studying for 20-30 minutes at a time, and then take a 5 minute break. I was taught this throughout high school, as the brain can only retain so much information at a time. It will help you retain the information better and let you breathe amongst all of the studying!


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